In terms of genetic modification technology, the Dalai Lama is calculative. He recognizes and emphasizes the gravity of how much power humans with this new technology hold, and how it could greatly change life on Earth. There are many benefits to genome alteration, including the ability to move beyond biochemical models of therapy to genetically based models and the ability to treat and predict genetic diseases. In addition to this, there is the possibility of therapeutic cloning, which is the growth of human organs for transplantation. With these benefits, the Dalai Lama questions if humans have the ethical right to modify the human genome, and ultimately create forms of life that are not naturally possible. The Dalai Lama recognizes current use in agriculture and food as beneficial to sustaining a growing population and producing less food waste by allowing for longer shelf life, but he also warns that if it is used for commercial and economic purposes, it is hurting the human population more than helping due to a lack of transparency. The Dalai Lama’s biggest argument against genetic modification is the idea of human value and how it should not be defined by appearance, intellectual or athletic achievement, or genetic disabilities. The Dalai Lama believes that when thinking about the ethics of genetic modification, humans need to put all their religious beliefs aside, be self aware and honest, have the main motivation be compassion, recognize the preciousness of life, and keep the primary goal of the well being of the human population and the Earth we live on. 


  1. The higher the level of knowledge and power, the greater must be our sense of moral responsibility. 
  2. The issue is no longer whether we should or should not acquire and explore its technological potentials. Rather, the issue is how to use this new knowledge and power in the most expedient and ethically responsible manner. 
  3. We need to confront the reality of our potential future and tackle the problems directly.
  4. The willingness to step across such natural thresholds is what often leads humanity to the commission of horrific atrocities.  

Own claim: Humans with too much power cross lines without thinking and try to fix the atrocity after.  

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