While reading chapter 7 of They Say I Say, one helpful hint I came across was a template to incorporate both the question of “so what?” and how it relates to the question of “who cares?” The template was “Although X may seem of concern to only a small group of Y, it should in fact concern anyone who cares about Z.” I found this helpful because it is a straightforward template that I can incorporate into my next draft, and it helps to answer those vital questions to make my paper stronger.

While reading chapter 8 of TSIS, a helpful hint I came across was to reread previous sentences and think about what I want to say later to create cohesive sentences that relate to one another. The authors give a suggestion to ”Think of each sentence you write as having arms that reach backward and forward.” This can help me in my next draft because it will make it easier for readers to read if I make the connections in my writing rather than relying on the readers to make the connections. It will also ensure that the connections being made are the ones I am trying to get out of the reader, and that the reader is not misinterpreting what I am trying to say.

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